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Formerly I was totally corporate: 8 years a stockbroker and 8 years a VP in banking. Having lost my job at Barnett Bank in Brooksville in 1993, and, I was living in the country, there was little in the way of employment. One day I happened to spy an advertisement in the local horse newspaper which said, “You Too can earn $100,000 a year doing Horse Photography”. I and 12 other fools took her class in Orlando and none of us questioned – How soon can we be making that $100,000? Well that’s history. I came to Sarasota in 1995 after earning actually quite a lot doing horse shows and dog shows all over Florida. I decided upon Weddings as they are fast-paced, mobile and fun and…challenging in knowing your camera, lighting situations, posing techniques, crowd control, public relations, sales and office management, marketing and PR and just a few things like that to become successful. Did I mention CREATIVE? Yes, I am that also thank God. So here I am fourteen years later with a great reputation and still have a love for creating beautiful Wedding images and Family Portrait Images. Sadly no more Horse images.


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